Where does your mind take you when you hear the word bold? 

For me I think about a gleeful lady who is wearing a fabulous hat displaying colorful flowers, big brimmed glasses, and the eye-catching lipstick that just doesn’t quite match.  She is fearless, lovable, and BOLD!  I also think about a person who isn’t afraid to speak their mind.  Whether it be to friends, coworkers, a superior, or when facing an organization who isn’t used to people standing up to them.  That person isn’t afraid to be bold with their words or actions.   

I was invited to do an online prayer devotional starting May 1st.  During one of the readings the word bold caught my attention and has been on my mind since.  The devotional spoke of a man who prayed a bold prayer.  The author said the prayer was bold, risky and the man had shameless audacity to pray a specific prayer.  It got me to thinking about the word bold and how it applies to me.  Not only in prayer but my life in general.   

Which leads me to ask, what do you think of bold in terms of your own life?

Bold is a characteristic people associate with strength, courage, and may even consider it controversial.  However, I see being bold as a positive attribute.  When you are bold you are revealing to the world you are original.  You don’t “follow the pack”.  You may have a pack, but within that pack you have an exclusive quality that externalizes confidence.

Being bold doesn’t mean you are close-minded.  There are some people who may view your boldness as a negative quality, but I assure you that is only because they can’t control you.  Being bold is knowing who you are.  What you believe in.  What you want in life.  Not altering it because others don’t understand it.  People who live bold lives are influencers.  Don’t confuse it with Instagram influencers.  Bold people are influencers of gratification.  Open to learning from the mistakes they’ve made as life lessons.  Allowing others the same compassion. 


Where can you be bold this week?

Being bold doesn’t have to be a big production.  It can be as simple as choosing not to partake in the office gossip.  Or, since some of us are still in quarantine, choosing to not forward the negative social media post.  Perhaps this week you choose to be conscious of where your mind takes you.  How often are you finding yourself withholding your thoughts because you are afraid of what others will think.  How often do you find yourself speaking up – and if you do, are you considerate, or are you using your power to be right?  Observe how you define being bold in your life. 

Are you Bold in…

















Talk it out. What are you doing to be bold in your life? Have you already found your boldness? Are you ready to see how being bold shows up in your life? I want to hear from you! Be proud. Be You. Be Bold.

Off the beaten path is a weekly feature where I discus a topic that enlightens, motivates, and allows us to process topics that relate to mental and virtuous strength.  Join me every Tuesday off the beaten path and allow yourself to reflect your personal unexplored journey among pines. 


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