I am just shy of two weeks in with my running coach, Michele at Rugged Running. That may not sound like a long time, but I see gains already. Michele knew I am recovering my leg which is still irritated from pushing to get that 50k in my books back in March. Not a good time for pride to get in the way as it dangerously pushed my body to perform when it clearly wasn’t ready.

 I did complete the 50k, but it wasn’t done in the fashion I hoped for. I confused my prides and instead of being proud of my accomplishments, I was left with a bruised ego. It wasn’t all bad, of course I had a great time. The weather was perfect, and I made tracks on trails I never explored before. I had enough common sense to not push too far past my abilities to where the suffering I was about to experience was major.


Vivi Loca always leading the way.

I can see training with a coach is going to be a flourishing experience for me. I am self-motivating, but even with my own drive I don’t have the understanding on how/where to push. Since I am a new to running, and my body wasn’t conditioned to extreme output of endurance, I easily found myself making mistakes. I wasn’t even aware I was making them. For instance, my shoes. I love the shoes I ran my 50k in. Topo Ultraventure. They look great, feel great, I thought I found the perfect shoe. I raved about them to anyone who cared to listen.

Submitting a video of my run to my coach, she and her team agreed those shoes were not good for me. They caused overpronation. What does that even mean? I heard about it before but I had to look it up. Overpronation is where your shoes don’t provide enough stability for your foot as it hits the ground. Your arch flattens to absorb the impact and your ankle to rolls in. It can lead to pain in various places from your ankle up to your hip. To say I was bummed is an understatement because I really love these shoes! I even purchased a second pair to begin the wear-in stage for when my first pair hit their mile limit.


Looking at them now, the ankle area is too wide. The wide toe box is nice, but I need more support at the ankle.

With a great deal of sadness, I purchased a pair of Saucony Glides, one of the 5 shoes recommended for me. I own a pair of Saucony street shoes so I went with that brand. I have only run in them once but…I will say I didn’t have the same leg pain I experienced after my previous runs. My run was speed intervals, which caused pain the last time I ran them with less effort. Could part of my issues be from the shoes I chose? If this is true I am going to be even more sad. This could have been prevented. Had I not hired a running coach I would have continued with these shoes not realizing the pain I was experiencing was quite possibly created by them!


Me on my first speed interval. The wind was ferocious.

So, with two weeks under my belt, Michele has been working on correcting form, we discussed the shoe issue, stretching to open my hips up, release the pressure or tightness, and taking it slow. I chose to start training with a coach now, long before I have a race scheduled so I can get my body on track. When the time comes for me to train for my race I want my body to be in the best shape at the start of training. I don’t want the training to be dual effort…training and getting into shape. I am beyond excited to see where this takes me. I love the personal coaching I am getting because it is already helping me to become stronger, safer, and healthier inside and out.   And this in two weeks!

How do you train?  Solo or with a coach?




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