Can’t Escape Covid-19

I genuinely did not want to write about the Covid-19 epidemic. Quite honestly, I am tired of hearing about it. I have scaled down what I watch on the news, but not completely stopped because I need to stay up to date with the realities we are facing. It is a scary time.

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3 Ultra Marathon Movies to Fuel Your Motivation

Once I discovered my love for trail running, I started watching movies, YouTube videos, and documentaries on ultra running. I absorbed what I could about training, fueling, the ever-changing terrain, as well as the ups and downs runners face on each course. The movies I listed share the stories of the elite in the sport. I will never run at the same level these expert runners; but knowing this does not change my excitement as I watch them. I learn valuable lessons from each of these movies. And, even though they are focused on the sport of ultra marathons, they provide life lessons for any situation.
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One Happy Friday

During this 2020 Covid-19 quarantine, I have happily spent time writing. I have also enjoyed visiting other blogs and reading the journeys others have shared. I found this blogger, Why Girls are Weird, and she had a post titled Happy Friday and she encouraged us to follow her lead and write 10 things we are happy for from this last week. Although I don’t usually act on something like this, I feel there is so much negative vibes in the air I figure this is a positive addition to my Friday morning. So here it goes:

1- Being home during the day with my kiddos.

2- Teaching my daughter to sew.

3- Giving my son a haircut (oh, my poor boy!)

4- Cooking dinner without the pressure of time.

5- Having quiet time to write.

6- Playing board games with the kiddos

7- Sleeping in (even an hour is bliss!)

8- Being able to run (while following social distancing.)

9- Daily hugs from my husband (reminds me how loved I am!)

10. Having the essential to live comfortably during this quarantine.

I encourage you to write your list down.  Also, please comment and share with me a few things you are happy for this Friday!  Lets keep Happy Friday alive!