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I was off the grid this weekend on a family camp trip. Weekends are my time where I truly get to sit in stillness as my thoughts turn into words. I did have stillness this weekend before my family woke; however, I left my laptop at home and chose reading over writing. This weekend was for disconnecting and enjoying my family.
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Where does your mind take you when you hear the word bold? 

For me I think about a gleeful lady who is wearing a fabulous hat displaying colorful flowers, big brimmed glasses, and the eye-catching lipstick that just doesn’t quite match.  She is fearless, lovable, and BOLD!  I also think about a person who isn’t afraid to speak their mind.  Whether it be to friends, coworkers, a superior, or when facing an organization who isn’t used to people standing up to them.  That person isn’t afraid to be bold with their words or actions.   

I was invited to do an online prayer devotional starting May 1st.  During one of the readings the word bold caught my attention and has been on my mind since.  The devotional spoke of a man who prayed a bold prayer.  The author said the prayer was bold, risky and the man had shameless audacity to pray a specific prayer.  It got me to thinking about the word bold and how it applies to me.  Not only in prayer but my life in general.   

Which leads me to ask, what do you think of bold in terms of your own life?

Bold is a characteristic people associate with strength, courage, and may even consider it controversial.  However, I see being bold as a positive attribute.  When you are bold you are revealing to the world you are original.  You don’t “follow the pack”.  You may have a pack, but within that pack you have an exclusive quality that externalizes confidence.

Being bold doesn’t mean you are close-minded.  There are some people who may view your boldness as a negative quality, but I assure you that is only because they can’t control you.  Being bold is knowing who you are.  What you believe in.  What you want in life.  Not altering it because others don’t understand it.  People who live bold lives are influencers.  Don’t confuse it with Instagram influencers.  Bold people are influencers of gratification.  Open to learning from the mistakes they’ve made as life lessons.  Allowing others the same compassion. 


Where can you be bold this week?

Being bold doesn’t have to be a big production.  It can be as simple as choosing not to partake in the office gossip.  Or, since some of us are still in quarantine, choosing to not forward the negative social media post.  Perhaps this week you choose to be conscious of where your mind takes you.  How often are you finding yourself withholding your thoughts because you are afraid of what others will think.  How often do you find yourself speaking up – and if you do, are you considerate, or are you using your power to be right?  Observe how you define being bold in your life. 

Are you Bold in…

















Talk it out. What are you doing to be bold in your life? Have you already found your boldness? Are you ready to see how being bold shows up in your life? I want to hear from you! Be proud. Be You. Be Bold.

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We all do it, right?

I found it has become easy for us to accept making mistakes. How many times have you heard, or even said, “I’m only human”? It’s as if we dismiss our mistakes because we understand the circumstances behind our mistakes. We are overloaded with work, too many things on our minds, miscalculated a number (easy mistake, right?), slight laps of judgement, the list can go on. The point is, we understand why we make mistakes and because of that we can accept them more easily. Keep Reading!



Can there be any truer love on earth?

Okay, I’ll get the elephant out of the room.  There are bad moms out there.  I know one gal who has a tattoo in Chinese that conveys “motherless”.  She loathed her mom and vowed never to be a mom.  There are inadequate moms who are missing out.  But, let’s not talk about those moms today.

Let’s talk about moms who show up.

woman carrying baby near grass

The relationship with your mom is exclusive.  Even if you have siblings.  God created your mom to be your safe place to grow for 9 months.  The personal bond formed between two heartbeats is indescribable.  You always seek your mom when you have exciting or heartbreaking news to share.  Your mom is your protected place.

But what does it mean to be a mom?  How can your mom have that much meaning to you?  You love your dad, and the bond is real.  And yet it doesn’t compare to the connection you have with your mom.  The closeness of your relationship doesn’t matter.  A child yearns for their mom (at any age.)

A mom feels her baby growing for 9 months, and her emotions spin uncontrollably.  Her thoughts are filled with the hopes and dreams not only for her child but for her as mom.  Can she do this?  Can she give this child everything they will need?  She doesn’t even know the levels of emotions she is about to experience.

woman in white spaghetti strap dress standing beside brown tree

I have yet to hear a mom say her child wasn’t the best thing to happen to her.  Motherhood is unsurpassed.  But it is also wearying.  It doesn’t matter the age one has a baby; she still has her own identity.  The stresses alone in this world make that difficult without the added pressures of her heart walking around.  But, that piece of heart is her world.  How easy and acceptable it is to lose her identity when she becomes mom.

A child starts their journey in this world guided by mom’s love.  They are the center of the universe in most cases.  The world is their oyster.  A child doesn’t see mom as a person.  A child sees mom as their person.  They feel they are in control. Gaining praise with every new accomplishment as moms focus is proudly on them.

As they age, moms start to say no – and children do not like this!  Where did this come from?  Why are they not in control anymore?  They begin to see more than mom’s praises in this world.  Friends, hobbies, sports, teachers, and their own individuality.  These provide the control they thought they had lost.

A mom sees her deep connection drifting away.  It is bittersweet.  She knows she must allow her child to grow, experience, and learn on their own.  She can’t always be there to scoop her baby up and make the world right.  Those days are cherished.  Now, she watches as her child matures.

portrait of a mother and daughter together

The title mom comes with unchartered territory. No matter how much research you do or how much advice you take, being a mom is a unique experience. Each mother is unique to her personality and each child unique to theirs. A mom will always long for the cuddles of her child, even as they become a parent themselves. A mom will always feel they could have done better. They only hope their children understand the level of their true love for them. Responsibilities are there, life happens, moms must continue to grow and develop along side their child. It isn’t the child that makes motherhood wearying. It’s life that advances as the desire for it to slow is denied.

It doesn’t matter if you were a fairytale mom or a complete disaster. Today is your day to celebrate putting your identity on hold for another person. Recognize the hard work that was entrusted to you. And appreciate the mom you were. As a mom, I speak for all of us, we are doing the best we can with what we have. And, that will get us through!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Exceptional Mom’s out there!

On a personal note: Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. The path was rocky at times and it caused some tumbling. But, with all things that involve love, and enough tumbling, the rocky path became a smooth pebble stone pathway. Calming to walk on. Gentle enough to go without shoes. I love you, Mom. You have been a warrior and continue to be an example of perseverance, love, and devotion to God.

Mom and I

Love you, Mom. My wedding day, 2003. The flowers hadn’t shown up yet, so we “borrowed” some from the venue. My mom made my dress. A true testament of love.






Since running my virtual 50k, I haven’t logged a mile. Not going to lie, mentally I am ready to hit the trails. But physically my legs, one in particular, have been upset with me. Its been almost three weeks since my run.

I haven’t become a couch potato. There have been many “honey do’s” and time enjoyed time with my kiddos. I completed my welding class after taking the final yesterday. Although, I have to continue the lab class when the campus opens again . I understand why my instructor can’t pass our lab – a weld can mean life or death for someone if it breaks! I’ve been busy, but running has been on my mind!

Yesterday I made two exciting moves forward with my running. I have been reflecting on my running and what it means to me. What are my goals now that I completed a 50k. Even though a virtual race didn’t make it feel “real” or it “counted” it does. A race with a starting line does not determine if you are an ultra runner. You go out and run far…you are an ultra runner. Same for any distance, by the way! Running = Runner

First, I got outside and felt the sun kiss my shoulders. I have been outside doing yard work, and the sun has been kind. However, there is nothing better than feeling the sun while on a trail. I didn’t run. I allowed my legs to feel the movement. The dirt under my soles. My Vivi Loca was a happy doggie. She has been waiting for me to take her to our spot close to home. It was nice to get out and have my time on the trail to think…and smell…and feel.

Feel the Dirt

The sage is excited for the sun, too! I was looking for rattlesnakes, but luckily didn’t find one. I heard they are out!

Second, I hired a coach! I am so excited. I have trained without a plan, with a plan, and now I am going to train with a coach. I am super excited because not only will I get a personalized training plan, but I will have someone guide me how far, fast, or slow to push myself. Training last year was great, and my miles added up as they should. But, I wasn’t gaining on speed, energy, or deepening mental strength. Even though I pushed myself and have good self accountability, I had no one else holding me accountable. I know if I did I would have had more gains. As awesome as my family praise is, I got it whether I deserved it or not. Love my Family!

I am super excited to see the ways hiring a coach will improve my running. However, before I begin running I need to get my body aligned. I need my manual therapist. Unfortunately, right now we are still on phase 0 meaning no therapy for me. I have to rely on stretching, rolling, and self care until we open our community back up.

Today, my wish for you is to go out and get kissed by the sun! Whether it be a walk, run, or yard work. May your spirits be lifted and you feel rejuvenated!

Excited to journey together with you!


Hey Guys!

I have kept myself busy during quarantine.  I’ve made masks for friends and for hospitals, focused on my blog, played lots of board games with the kiddos, and been busy with housework and completing “honey do’s”.  I am not coming home from work tired not wanting to start a project.  It has been a nice time, despite the social distancing inconveniences that has tagged along.
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I saw this meme recently and I had to shake my head in agreement.

Pinterest meme

Have you had a bad experience with a religious person?  Someone who knows the Bible better than you and reminds you though words or actions you are not living up go God’s expectations.  Or been witness to the hypocritical nature of a “religious” person.  What about the Christian who is in your face to “come to Christ”?
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