Welcome to my page, Journey Among Pines.

I don’t know about you, but for me when I am in a forest of pine trees I feel at peace. I am a mountain girl and if given the choice between the beach or the mountains you will see me running towards those hills.

Pine trees are particularly extraordinary to me because there is an obvious strength about them. In the wild they often overcome harsh growing conditions. They are resilient to yearly changes between drought and surplus of water. They regenerate faithfully keeping their species alive. Finally, pine trees come from a species of many varieties.

I especially like the similarities shared between pines and people. As a human race we too overcome harsh conditions, are resilient, able to regenerate, and share diversity.

Our journey among pines is often not about a single walk in the woods. In contrast, is it our everyday experiences that establishes our journey. Each of us living in different environments, some with better provisions than others. Some are housed close to families, others are spread apart. Some living in communities with their single race, some more multi-cultured, and others are among the minority.

I view my journey as a lifelong experience of growth. Like a pine, I must be resilient to the everchanging world I live in. As we share our journeys together, I ask that you always be true to yourself. No journey is the same. Maybe similar trails are taken, but there will always be differences. Those differences may not mean one is better or wrong, but life as we have personally experienced it.

No journey is set in stone. I have taken many trails that have crossroads. I have forged my own trail. I have turned around because the best option was to face what I already had. Life is like that. We are often faced with obstacles, uncertainties, apprehensions, confidence, authority, or peace. My belief is, when we encounter a situation, we react to it differently each time we are confronted with it. It doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative situation, we are never the same person as the first time we face something. We grow, we learn, we change. We may get hurt, we may forgive. We may choose to continue the same path, or we may change our route.

It is with a delighted heart I get to share my journey among pines with you. And, I encourage you to share yours with me. We are a community and living together is more fun when we share experiences, ideas, similarities, and differences.  Let’s live as pines!  We are stronger together.

Not always perfect conditions

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. (Romans 8:18)

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