Take Time to Recognize Your Journey

I was talking with a friend recently how I couldn’t do the journey she is currently on.  She reminded me that there are things I do that she can’t – like running deep in the woods.  I took a few days to ponder that, because there is a lot to learn from it.
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I call myself a Cautious Introvert.

Okay guys, I have a confession.

I wasn’t always an introvert.


This question popped into my mind:  how does one transitions from being more introvert or extrovert if one or the other wasn’t obvious at birth?  We tell introverts they “need to come out of their shell” but have you ever heard someone tell an extrovert they need to go into their shell. I don’t know about you, but I have dealt with a few extreme extroverts who I wanted to tell to back off.
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