I call myself a Cautious Introvert.

Okay guys, I have a confession.

I wasn’t always an introvert.


This question popped into my mind:  how does one transitions from being more introvert or extrovert if one or the other wasn’t obvious at birth?  We tell introverts they “need to come out of their shell” but have you ever heard someone tell an extrovert they need to go into their shell. I don’t know about you, but I have dealt with a few extreme extroverts who I wanted to tell to back off.

Recently, I have been bothered by how comfortable it has been for me to live a life of an introvert.  It is nice to choose my social highs and lows, but I don’t have the emotional support of a grounded group of friends.  I have become so conditioned as an introvert I have become somewhat recluse.  I am not anti-social, but I am very protective. Which has made me someone standoffish. It bothers me because of two influential children I don’t want to follow my footsteps.


It could be a lot of reasons.  Parents molding their child into what they want, abuse making a child afraid to be themselves, society causing a person to not trust the system or the people around them.  For me, it was a few things I can put my finger on.  It has been a challenging road for me to “find myself” again.  It sounds so cliché, but it is my reality.  Bottling yourself up for protection changes you.

I know we have all heard of those people who had horrible experiences, yet instead of living with chains that bound them they live inspirational, full, and rewarding lives.  It is hard to be a cautious introvert. That is what I am going to call it.  I am a cautious introvert.  I don’t give easy.  And when I give, I give fully.  God forbid I feel betrayed because I have learned to cut strings easy.  I don’t do it out of spite.  I do it out of protection.  Or, at least I did.

I have learned in the last few years how hard it is keep those strings fully intact.  It can hurt, and some hurts are greater than others.  But, I’ve noticed the strings are strong.  And I become stronger than those strings especially when I allow people to have faults.  I have them for Pete’s sake!  I never put myself on a pedestal although my protection mechanism may have appeared I did.

But, that isn’t who I am.


I have also realized that who I am does not rely on how inspirational or rewarded I am, or how much I throw caution to the wind.  The self-evolution from a cautious introvert to a functional introvert has allowed me to give more to others.  I am not perfect, and the participation often drains me immensely, but it is worth it.

Is there self-evolution in your life?  If there was/is, what tools did you use to help you with the transformation?  I see people get settled in their comfort zone.  I know I have, and in situations still do.  There is something about taking a step outside of your comfort zone that wakes up a piece of you that was either hidden away or you forgot you had.  I hope you look at your life and see where you can take a baby step out of your comfort zone.  Either you love it or you have perimeters for a reason.

Love to you All!


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