Journeys Covered in White

The snow was slow to come this year. Fall is my favorite time of year so I didn’t object to the extended season. Plus, it was great weather for training. Although, when you live with snow nearby you must play in it.

This is the first year my family didn’t invest in season passes to a ski resort where we snowboard as a family. It’s a good thing, too, the snow came late and when it did come so did the shut down of resorts due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Resorts and shredders were both in mourning over the forbidden snow piling up to epic levels.


These two have been snowboarding since they were 5!

A few years ago, my husband went snowmobiling with a friend and was immediately hooked. He started searching for his own snowmobile and over the last few years has managed to buy a couple older sleds, sell to upgrade, then sell to upgrade once more and now we have an awesome set of reliable sleds for our family.


This trip was early in the year. Now it’s covered with an additional 8′ of snow!

I don’t join on every trip. I love how my husband and son share the love for the sport and are able to have father/son time without the girls. They already have a great bond, but this sport has strengthened it. They have become so serious about the sport they have attended many avalanche trainings. My son has even been the youngest attendee which really impressed the instructors. I don’t think I have to say it, but I will. As a mom it makes my heart happy how my husband takes the dangers of the sport seriously. Knowing they have the skills to check the snow and weather conditions for avalanche danger helps set my mind at ease.


Each trip they take, they push their skills and come home better snowmobilers. They excitedly share their adventures of side hilling, exploring new places, getting stuck, digging their sleds out, the awesome spots for lunch break, and getting the high marks on the hillside. Listening to their day makes me happy. Snowmobiling isn’t a lazy mans sport. I mean, you can make it that and explore the snow park trails. My guys go boondocking which is off the beaten path and into the powder. As a snowboarder we call it powerderhounds. I wonder if it is the same for snowmobiling, or is it just boondocking. They get a full body workout. Much better than the gym!


Can you tell it’s snowing? It snowed all day on them, but they didn’t mind at all!

When we do go as a family, it’s typically on a nice day. I like to be spoiled with blue skies while snowmobiling. I will endure harsh weather in certain activities, but not this one. I even purchased my first pair of snowshoes this year, and even though I haven’t been out as much as I would like, I will more this spring. To me, snowshoeing is the best companion. Snowmobiles provide a means to get you to further within the mountain scape to fully experience the solitude of complete desolation. The tranquility is invigorating.


You’re being called to forge your own path.

When snow blankets the landscape it creates a new play land and you can go in directions your summer travels won’t allow. It is hard to believe you are zooming across the tops of trees, street signs (a lot of snow parks include mountain roads left unplowed and closed to wheeled vehicles) and hills that typically are too steep to explore otherwise. You summit mountain tops, cross frozen lakes, and reach uncharted places in a minuscule amount of time. Snowmobiles surprisingly have a long range with a tank of gas making exploring enjoyable.


Riding to the top where the views are limitless.

Snowmobiling is a great activity to share with friends and family. Whether you have your own sleds, rent them, or join a tour guide I know you will find the same enjoyment I have. I love the mountains. Exploring them during the winter gives you a different perspective of the beauty. I understand it may be hard to get out of your warm house knowing it may be cold. If you follow my lead and go on bluebird days, it warms up rather nicely! You will be greatly rewarded, I guarantee it!


The journey is always complete with this bunch!


18 thoughts on “Journeys Covered in White

  1. I got to play in snow for the first time in years this year because I went up to Alaska for a trip with my sisters. It was so much fun! Your pictures reminded me of that. They are beautiful. And I’m glad your family is having a great time while being mindful of safety!


  2. I always love snow. It is magical for me. Last December, we were able to visit a snow mountain in Japan, but it’s more powdery, not as thick as you have in your pictures. I would also like to try skiing someday. ❤


  3. It looks like a beautiful place where you live, and with so much snow! I’m not great at winter sports, but I’d like to give it more of a go, especially if I lived here!


  4. I am not a fan of winter and snow in general, but I’d like to try riding on a snowmobile at some point. They look like such a fun way to explore the white surroundings.

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    • I believe you would like it. Especially if you go in the Spring when the air is warm. You may even see a waterfall or two!


  5. Beautiful pictures! I grew up further north in the heart of ski territory in Ontario, Canada, but then I moved south to where I’m at now. I’ll be honest, I miss the ski season!


  6. Snowmobiling is one of those things that I always tell my husband that I’d like to do. He doesn’t seem to find it interesting, but I’d love to go. Your pics look awesome. Looks like so much fun. I’m also kind of disappointed that I never learned to ski. Everyone in my family ski’s except for me. LOL I told my husband that for my next birthday in January, he has to take me at least sledding. 🙂


  7. Not sure if my last post went through? Please delete if it did. Your pics of your guys snowmobiling looks so much fun. I’d love to try it one day. I told my hubby he needs to at least take me sledding for my next birthday in January!


  8. everything looks so cold but so beautiful! Snow is special but honestly I don’t like it, skiing is the other thing


  9. That just makes me miss going to the mountains. I haven’t done it in such a long time. I kept hoping to take my daughter this year but it is pretty much impossible right now. It looks like it was an amazing day out there.


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