Can’t Escape Covid-19

I genuinely did not want to write about the Covid-19 epidemic. Quite honestly, I am tired of hearing about it. I have scaled down what I watch on the news, but not completely stopped because I need to stay up to date with the realities we are facing. It is a scary time.

I honestly don’t know if I am over or under reacting to this pandemic! What I do know is I have a 2-week worth of food in my house instead of the normal one. I haven’t been out running as much as I want. My gym is closed, and it is hard for me to find the motivation to exercise at home. I have two kiddos who are antsy and ready to go back to school and back to normal activities. My husband’s job is demanding right now since his company manufactures components for testing the virus and now has teamed with GM to make respirators. People around him have tested positive or in close contact with someone who has tested positive.


Equipment used for testing vaccines.

So far, my family has no symptoms. We are either virus free, or we are asymptomatic. Since it could be one of the two, we haven’t let the kiddos spend time with grandma because we are afraid of innocently passing it on to her. Worse, I don’t see the end of the tunnel! You hear about the curve, but you also hear about people not following social distancing guidelines; so, I really don’t know how to figure that in with the curb.


Our hospitals are already short of PPE, so I don’t understand the logistics of flattening the curve. We haven’t even hit the top of the flat and our hospitals are already overstressed and underprepared.

There are Governors and Mayors all over who wear their stress on their sleeves. They are cussing, yelling, and their talk is point blank. Can you blame them? They are tired of people not taking their orders seriously. If your job or business is threatened because it is considered non-essential, I understand the tension. I don’t agree with ignoring orders, but I understand the frustrations. I don’t understand the people who are socializing in groups with complete disregard to the situation. These people are causing havoc to our stressed system. Let alone their complete negligence of awareness and compliance.

It is hard for some people to not understand the severity. When we are not on the front lines we can’t see it. We watch the news, but visualize the population in America? The numbers don’t add up to make this seem as serious as we are being lead to believe. It is easy to assume the media is trying to scare us. And, they are. The media has a history of scaring and misleading Americans. That distrust causes us to question what is reported.


Who is reporting the news? Propaganda and bias are probably the biggest offenders to peoples trust.

Take Nevada for example. In my county, we had the first death three days ago. There have been two more deaths yesterday. The community media doesn’t report the number of people who are in critical care. What we do hear [at the time I am writing this] 2,864 tests have been administered, with 121 total positive cases. Sounds like pretty good odds, right? When we hear it is killing us by the minute, and people infected are doubling every 4 days, the numbers just don’t add up.

We all should know by now what problem really exists. Testing is not being administered to everyone who has symptoms. Only the critical, or people who have traveled to a location with a high infection rate. So, how can we truly know how many people are infected? And, if the majority of people infected are asymptomatic, it lessens the significance to people who don’t have high risk friends or family. It’s a world that caters to “me.” When and if it hit me personally, I’ll act on it then.

don't know

Even though I don’t know, I remain optimistic. Live life. Love life. Laugh in life. And look out for each other in life.

Seriously, I just want to move on to topics more uplifting. My prayers go out to the people on the front lines. I can’t even imagine what they face as I sit here being able to write, watch my kids adventure throughout the house, and have the luxury knowing I am safe because my job does not require me to put myself in harms way.

Stay safe Everyone!


7 thoughts on “Can’t Escape Covid-19

  1. I know that they are naturally called the frontliners, but I saw a few posts coming from the medical field that states that we are the real fronliners and that they are just the second level of defense. That we should stay at home, those of us that can, so that they will not get overwhelmed with the cases that they will be needing to attend to. So they said that we are doing them a huge favor by helping flatten the curve and lessening the spread of the infection. Let’s all do what we can. And yes, prayers are powerful.

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    • That makes perfect sense. I just wish the people who don’t understand that could see what they (the real frontliners) see. Thank you for joining in prayer!!!


  2. Let’s be hopeful. The frontliners are doing their part, and they are also expecting us to do the same. During these times, let us not grumble but keep our hopes and faith up. We will get through this together, as long as we do our part and never give up. For us bloggers, let’s continue to share positivity to our readers. ❤

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    • Thank you for the reminder! There have been a gazillion things going through my mind and your right…I need to focus on my faith not the fear. 😉


  3. It is tough times for all… for the most part, we are all in this together. I am grateful I am safe at home with my family, doing my part to social distance. Where do you live that your politicians are yelling and swearing? We are lucky in NY that we have a calm governor who has been steady and hardworking.

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    • I have seen on the news the Governors cussing, which shocked me and my kiddos as we saw it. Our own Governor has little patience with reporters. It has been common discussion how he isn’t giving enough explanation and is curt when questioned for it. It is a stressful time for everyone, especially our Government officials. I have a lot of empathy for them!


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