These words are my words, written by God through Paul 58 years after Jesus was crucified. How many times have I told myself I want to do more? I want to go to church, read the Bible, spend time with God. Like so many, I have questioned why bad things happen in this world. Why are we here? Why did God create us if He knew we would end up sinners? Am I not a true believer? Am I doubting God when I have these questions?


The reality is, God isn’t upset with us having questions. God doesn’t want us confused. He doesn’t want our days to be spent wondering what is true, can we trust Him, or why He allows harm to the people He created with love. He answers our questions with His word. We can’t expect God to give us answers without spending time in His word. Just like we can’t expect to become a Veterinarian by looking at memes or relying on our friends who are Veterinarian’s without our personal studies, schooling, and tests? Our Faith in Christ, Trust in God, and Guidance by the Holy Spirit comes from our time in the Bible and our prayer life with God.


God’s word tells us what our purpose is. Why bad things happen in our world. What happens when we doubt, and what it means to be a Christ follower. When God created man, He didn’t expect betrayal. He created man to worship Him, to enjoy the beauty of His creation with Him. God didn’t make our hearts to be evil and violent. Further, since the beginning of creation God gave mankind a choice to follow Him. I don’t think He ever thought we would be tempted nonetheless accept the temptation. (My feelings based on my reading in Genesis 6:6.) Yet, even through our betrayal, God has given us grace. He has given us hope.


The Bible holds the answers to the questions we have for God. When we spend time in His word we grow in faith. An unseen belief in Him. Our faith can move mountains if we have no doubt. But, as humans, there is no way for us to be completely free of doubt. We live and strive for evidence regarding things we believe, invest in, trust in – including our relationships, both personal and professional. It’s natural for us to want that same evidence of truth with God. But God gives us evidence though our hearts. Through our experiences when we seek Him. Believers are asked how do we know God is real. And the answer we give, “I can feel it” is hardly the answer that satisfies a non-believer. In all sincerity, it is the only answer. Live you life for God. Follow His word. Be human, make mistakes, but seek Him and you will see how loving, kind, and forgiving God is.


Looking back on the questions I had in the beginning, you notice I didn’t give direct answers to them. I did that because they are the deepest of questions I have. I have found answers that satisfy me, but I honesty feel these answers should be handled with care. I have been a Christian my entire life; but, my relationship with Christ is newer. I feel I am a young Christian in many aspects, even though I hold a lot of understanding of God’s word.

I feel others have these same questions and maybe, like myself, feel we are not Christians if we ask them. I don’t agree with that. Ask them. Talk to God about them. We would do the same with a friendship or any relationship that is important to us. We’d ask them questions of our doubt, loss of trust, or confusion. God is there, and He wants us to seek Him. He won’t be offended by asking questions, hard or easy. And, if you are not ready for a deep conversation with God in prayer, open you Bible or Bible app and say, “Lord, please open my eyes to the answers I seek.” He will guide you through the Holy Spirit. He knows what in on your mind.


All my Best!



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