Trail Running

Hey there!

Part of my journey has included this crazy adventure I decided to take up called trail running.  Of all things to pick up as a new hobby I chose something that a) I said I could never do…running and b) a scary thing to do…can you say mountain lion?!?

But all seriousness, trail running has showed me that I am capable of more than I give myself credit for.  I found I am stronger mentally and physically, and when I make time on the trails I always make my goal distance.  Not all my runs are on dirt, but my favorite ones are.

Trail running (or any running for that matter) is more than a solo sport, but a social sport.   I love how I am able to stride along with just me and my pooch, Vivi, and enjoy “me time” or meet up with friends and enjoy their company.  It has given me confidence just by lacing up shoes and hitting the trails.

I highly recommend you to take up running.  If you are like I was and saying “I can’t run.”, then you can also be like me and download the couch to 5k app and surprise yourself.  Sign up for a local 5k to help as motivation and have a goal in sight.  You will be proud of yourself!  And, when it is all over, you can show off the awesome bling you are awarded for your amazing accomplishment.

The metal at the end of the race isn’t a “participation” award.  Each person races their own race.  A race isn’t about coming in first although if you are fast, you will strive for that.  You are racing against yourself.  You are racing against the “I can’t” and “I’m not a runner” and “People will judge me” and “I don’t want to make the excuses anymore.”  When you get the metal at the end of the race, whether it is your first or fifteenth race, you deserve it!

Now, go find your dirt – or pavement – and go get your medal.  I want to hear about your race!