The Journey

Journeys are personal.  They take us places that expose our vital spark.  They are distinct from any other journey.  No matter how close another person’s journey may seem to yours they should not be compared.

By now, most of us have experienced a multitude of long and narrows, twists and turns, and large open spaces. Places that may have brought rewards, suffering, resilience, faith and the never ending personal determination to keep the journey moving forward.

Journeys are not stagnant.  We are not required to stay on the path we started out on.  We can choose where our journey leads us:

~You can turn around.  Yes, backtracking may seem like the longer route, and causing you to re-experience sections you didn’t like the first time.  Although, it will get you back to the path you know is waiting for you and you now have wisdom on how to navigate the rough terrain.

~You can continue to move forward knowing you aren’t going to like it, but knowing you will learn from every step.  Self perseverance is your strength, and each step you make will count.

~ You can forge a new path.  It may cause bumps and bruises and make you question why you chose it.  The satisfaction you gain knowing you did it on your own and now made a path for someone else to take who didn’t’ have the same courage.

Where ever your journey takes you today, let it be carried with grace and humility.  Our purpose is not only to be the best to ourselves, but be the best to others.  Own your journey and let others own theirs.

The journey doesn't end unless you let it.

“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But by all means, keep moving.” -Martin Luther King Jr.


2 thoughts on “The Journey

    • Yes! Thank you for touching on being grateful! A journey isn’t complete without reflection of the ups and downs and being grateful for where they led us! All my best!


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