Wow! I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I started with my running coach. I started this with no immediate

race in sight, so the beginning of this journey is me focusing on technique over distance or speed. Trying to learn how to be a strong endurance runner. Eat healthier, train better, and focus on my end goals…which is running an ultra stronger than I ever imagined I could.


Windy and warm.

I am realizing I will be increasing speed. My coach has me doing speed intervals which is something I read a lot about, but never applied it to my training. Most likely because I thought I couldn’t do it. I thought it would be hard, my legs don’t move fast, and I wasn’t training to win the race, so I just always focused on distance.

The first speed interval I did was 3 weeks ago, and I thought I was going to die. Of course, it had to be on a crazy windy day.  Nothing like getting sand blasted on a workout.  Since then I have only done this workout on dirt, no street running. It’s either been crazy windy or on the hottest day of the year – yep summer is near.  I am afraid of street because I will push myself more than I should because a) street is easier to run on, and b) people would be able to watch me so I’d think I’d have to push harder. I’ll stick to a secluded place where it’s just Vivi, my watch, a timer, and myself. However, I should consider the history of my fears preventing improvement.


The clouds are either cooling or cooling. ha! Warm days they are welcome, cold days…go away!

I also see improvement on my leg and core strength. I have issues with tendon and muscle stresses from my ego driven 50k. I say ego driven because even though I finished the 50k, I did it pushing through pain. I allowed myself to walk, and wasn’t pushing to beat a clock, so it seriously took me almost 11 hours. But the clear fact is, my legs were hurting bad and I should have ended it. My ego was stronger than my common sense. I’m just glad I allowed myself to walk, even though I watched that clock tick tock faster than my legs could keep up.

I had a few days where I didn’t get the work out in completely. I have been struggling along with America on trying to find the truths about myself, my country, and what will be a result from the devastating divide we are facing. It isn’t a new topic, but I see the cut deepening instead of closing. It is heart breaking, but I was able to find my focus and get back on track. I realize how these workouts are healing to me. They help release the anger in a constructive place opening my mind to focus on productive thoughts.


It was nice to beat the heat in one of the best places on earth.

There are a few areas that I am weaker in, areas I used to be strong in like pushups and planks. It is frustrating that I struggle with them because I never struggled before. I felt defeated in the beginning, upset at myself. But I have been focusing on fighting through the desire to drop the plank, even though I have to, and I do use my knees with the pushups. I feel weak, but I know I am strong. I know I am getting stronger and I will be back at doing them like I used to. Instead of zoning in on the weaknesses, I am using the clarity to see the strengths. Feel the muscles, engage the core, be strong in mind. Some days are easier than others, but I am proud of my will power. Some call it stubbornness. Haa!

I’ll be going into my second month of training this week, and I am excited to see what Michele and her team have in store with me. I never really focused on my body, outside of obvious pains, and how each workout is improving from the previous. I am trying to find my words on describing to myself and to my coaches how the workout felt, the positive and negatives. I see this as another way for personal growth which is exciting.


Excited for what the future holds.

What are you all training for? How is it going? This year has been crazy with the canceling of races, so it seems like we are all finding our own inner strength to stay focused and on track!

All my best to you this week!


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