Since running my virtual 50k, I haven’t logged a mile. Not going to lie, mentally I am ready to hit the trails. But physically my legs, one in particular, have been upset with me. Its been almost three weeks since my run.

I haven’t become a couch potato. There have been many “honey do’s” and time enjoyed time with my kiddos. I completed my welding class after taking the final yesterday. Although, I have to continue the lab class when the campus opens again . I understand why my instructor can’t pass our lab – a weld can mean life or death for someone if it breaks! I’ve been busy, but running has been on my mind!

Yesterday I made two exciting moves forward with my running. I have been reflecting on my running and what it means to me. What are my goals now that I completed a 50k. Even though a virtual race didn’t make it feel “real” or it “counted” it does. A race with a starting line does not determine if you are an ultra runner. You go out and run far…you are an ultra runner. Same for any distance, by the way! Running = Runner

First, I got outside and felt the sun kiss my shoulders. I have been outside doing yard work, and the sun has been kind. However, there is nothing better than feeling the sun while on a trail. I didn’t run. I allowed my legs to feel the movement. The dirt under my soles. My Vivi Loca was a happy doggie. She has been waiting for me to take her to our spot close to home. It was nice to get out and have my time on the trail to think…and smell…and feel.

Feel the Dirt

The sage is excited for the sun, too! I was looking for rattlesnakes, but luckily didn’t find one. I heard they are out!

Second, I hired a coach! I am so excited. I have trained without a plan, with a plan, and now I am going to train with a coach. I am super excited because not only will I get a personalized training plan, but I will have someone guide me how far, fast, or slow to push myself. Training last year was great, and my miles added up as they should. But, I wasn’t gaining on speed, energy, or deepening mental strength. Even though I pushed myself and have good self accountability, I had no one else holding me accountable. I know if I did I would have had more gains. As awesome as my family praise is, I got it whether I deserved it or not. Love my Family!

I am super excited to see the ways hiring a coach will improve my running. However, before I begin running I need to get my body aligned. I need my manual therapist. Unfortunately, right now we are still on phase 0 meaning no therapy for me. I have to rely on stretching, rolling, and self care until we open our community back up.

Today, my wish for you is to go out and get kissed by the sun! Whether it be a walk, run, or yard work. May your spirits be lifted and you feel rejuvenated!

Excited to journey together with you!


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