What is really going on, Kelly?

My county has been on social distancing quarantine for about a month now. My job was considered essential until two nights ago, when I received the call I would no longer be reporting to work, but on an “on call” status. I just went back to work from having two weeks off and only worked two days and here I am off again.
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Our Journey with Self-Confidence

I want you to visualize deep into your past back when you were a wee kid.

There is no limit

There is no limit to what we are able see.

What were your hopes and dreams? Do you find amusement in what your child-self found so impelling for your adult-self?  Or, were you that well-grounded child who knew exactly what they wanted to become and how to achieve it with honors?

I remember wanting to be a hairstylist when I grew up.  I wanted that toy Barbie head with beautifully long hair that I could style to my fingers content. Unfortunately, I never got my hands on that glorious toy.  I had to I resort to the next best thing, my brother. I assured him I could trim his hair and make him look like the stud he was. And he TRUSTED me!!
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