Today marks day 38 my state Governor ordered the shut-down of all non-essential businesses.  It wasn’t a suggestion, it was an order – and he was serious.

This epidemic is hard to swallow.  Business owners, merchants, and consumers are all significantly affected.  Ways that interrupt, harm, inconvenience, even scare us.  Pieces of us taken away – for good reason – causing strife.

Covid-19 is everywhere – waiting for us whether we seek it or not.  Masks, disinfectant wipes, stickers placed 6′ apart at checkout lines, partitions between you and clerk.  Political wars, conspiracy theories, mistrust in media reporting, statistics that differ greatly.  No wonder our emotions are all over the place.

We just want our normal to return.

Take a deep breath.  It’s okay to not like what is going on.  It’s okay to be confused.  It’s okay to be mad.  It’s okay to feel all the feels you have regarding how your life is turned upside down.  Allow yourself those moments.  Just don’t allow them to consume you.

It can be hard to remember to focus on the future.  Not ignoring today but keeping our sights on the light at the end of the tunnel.  Writing, reading, taking walks, puzzles, cleaning house, weeding (yes, I just said that!), have helped to erase the lingering feelings of frustration.  Directing my focus on being productive has renewed my purpose.

We all need purpose.

If you are feeling lost, dispirited, enraged, or hopeless maybe it’s time to take back control.  Focus on one thing today that can give your day meaning.  Write a letter to a loved one, organize a closet, or plant flowers.  Or take it long term and write down goals you have for your personal and professional life then set a plan to achieve them.  Ignite a passion that gives your day meaning.

Be kind to yourself.  We are deep in the tunnel and can’t see the light at the end.  Until that light is recognizable we have to focus on what we have control over.  The power of our minds.

On today’s journey renew your purpose.

All My Best!







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