II Corinthians 5:7 is my favorite Bible verse. …for we walk by faith, not by sight.

When I came across this verse so many years ago, I knew it was the verse I needed to hold close to my heart. It isn’t the most profound, talking about the amazing things God does for us like His promise, offering hope, or how we are saved. No, this verse shows what we do for God.

Walking by faith not by sight shows we have confidence in God even though we don’t see Him. This verse is important to me because I sometimes doubt God. I don’t stop believing in Him, but I lose confidence. That is what doubt is, losing confidence, right? Sounds horrible when I call myself a Christian. How can I doubt God? It shows little faith.


Let go of doubt.

God doesn’t want us to doubt Him. When Peter walked on water with Jesus he started to sink when he began to doubt. Jesus says if we have faith and don’t doubt, all things we ask in prayer will be answered. The disciples doubted Jesus was more than a spirit when He joined them three days after His death.

This really opened my eyes. Even the disciples who were with Jesus and saw the miracles He performed still had a bit of doubt. And, I wondered how God receives our prayers if we have doubt in our hearts? I know God listens to and love us. There is no doubt in my mind about that. But He wants us to lose all doubt and fully trust in Him.

Can we expect anything more? We don’t fully give to people who don’t trust us or have confidence in us. We may still be there for them, and continue to show that they can trust us, but we have to let them come to that decision on their own. Let them see through our actions we are trustworthy. God does the same with us.

With Us

God is always there waiting for us.

God is there waiting for us to seek Him. Spend time with Him, not only whispering daily prayers as events arise, but in His word. With quiet time to listen to Him. This may come easy for you. For me, it is easy, but I don’t give God the time. I proclaim God is important, but I don’t show Him He is when I don’t spend time with him. And, how can I end doubts that arise if I don’t get into his word and scribe it into my heart.

Walk by faith, not by sight. I hold it close to my heart because I know I must have complete confidence in God, His word, His promise, His hope, His love. It is showing God I trust what He gives me. What He gives us.

All my best to you!


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