Real talk here. How many times have you had big expectations in another person only to be let down? Or, if not let down, you realize you were not realistic in your expectations. Why do we place such importance on others– especially when they may not even know its lingering over them.

And, if that isn’t bad enough, we place expectations on ourselves. We foresee how we want situations or relationships to be. The problem is, we don’t have control over circumstances or people. Having ideals is one thing, expectations is another.


Don’t allow expectations to suck the life out of you.

Expectations can let us down.

Expectations can hurt.

Expectations can halt.

Expectations can divide.

Expectations can scare.

Expectations can disappoint.


Expectations can leave you feeling alone.

Expectations help motivate and drive. But the pressure can be powerful. The need to succeed may cause us to react in ways we normally wouldn’t. The hardest realization may be, we believe we are unworthy. Expectations suck!

When goal setting, remind yourself it’s not the expectation that will make you succeed, but trusting in yourself. Allow yourself to be flexible. Be rational when setting limits. Circumstances change or people have their own conflicting goals. Expectations can energize your will to succeed, but they can also be destructive.

the road out

Let go of the expectations to find your way.


I have expectations in my heart regarding a certain situation. These expectations limit me from moving forward on this journey. I have stopped in my tracks because fear is greater than trust. I didn’t meet another person’s expectations of me. I have no control on that, but I do have control on the expectations I put on them. Expectations suck because they limit how we move forward. When we expect…we demand. This is where I fail. And it’s numbing. There is a piece of me that isn’t complete. A piece of me that I don’t know how to find again because of the expectations I can’t let go. It’s hard to be open-minded and allow myself to trust there is room for another outcome. Ultimately, that is where my journey will lead me. Knowing the expectation I held onto for so long is unrealistic. Letting go of the expectation…and looking forward with new intentions.


22 thoughts on “BIG EXPECTATIONS

  1. I raised both of my hands up at your first question. It’s my biggest downfall in relationships. I know it’s because I hold myself to a high standard and I expect that also in a partner. I have been let down plenty of times, and it does take time to get over. It’s almost like a gut punch. But on the other side of it, I feel like it’s a good way to prepare for the unknown. You’re stepping into something that could go in any direction, yet you’re so confident it’s all going to work out. It’s for sure a learning curve! Love that I stumbled across your blog!

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    • So easy to do when your goal is for work, or a personal goal. Harder when it regards relationships and expectations we place on our selves and others. I wonder if I tried tweaking the SMART technique towards relationships. Never thought about that before. Thank you for stopping by!


    • I recently commented how I wonder if the SMART technique could be tweaked towards relationships. There are some situations that expectations are hard to meet, but hard not to have at the same time. Thought provoking.


  2. I’m a perfectionist of sorts so high expectations are a given. It’s not a healthy characteristic, I’m aware. And I’m still working on it. But considering how I used to be, I’ve become a lot better over the past years. I try to be forgiving and ignore small mistakes because that’s what humans should do. Very thought provoking topic!

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    • I like (and agree wholeheartedly) people should be allowed to make mistakes. Whether it is ourselves or others, we should give more grace. I am glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts! All my best to you!


    • Writing has helped me in more ways that I can count. Sometimes I write instantly feel better, other times it takes more processing. Thank you for stopping by and sharing one of my journeys. All the best to you!


  3. It is hard to lessen expectations but definitely worth practicing. We can only control our own actions, no body else’s. When we can come to grips with that and eliminate expectations of others, it leads to great happiness. Hold the key to your own happiness.

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    • Wonderfully said! It has been a journey and one worth taking! Thank you for stopping by and sharing. All my best to you!


  4. The pressure I sometimes put on myself because of high expectations is too much. I sometimes feel that I must accomplish a task, and then all of a sudden I fail. The failure leaves me feeling frustrated.

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    • It can become overwhelming. My wish for you (and me) is to learn to recognize how we set expectations and to allow ourselves to fail when we do. It is okay to try again!! All my best to you!


    • Isn’t that the truth! Processing and managing is a great way to look at expectations – whether goals or relationships.


    • One of the hardest realizations for me was letting my guard down. When I am hurt by expectations it is easy for me to lose trust in others and I guard myself more. Letting go of those expectations has helped tremendously. There are still some that I am processing though. Thank you for stopping by!!

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    • Yay for setting and smashing work goals!! Sorry the relationship didn’t work out. Don’t doubt yourself or other guys for that matter, because love has a way of bringing the right person to us. All my best to you!


    • I am opposite as you. No big expectations when I was a child. You got me thinking the differences on how we were raised.


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