What is really going on, Kelly?

My county has been on social distancing quarantine for about a month now. My job was considered essential until two nights ago, when I received the call I would no longer be reporting to work, but on an “on call” status. I just went back to work from having two weeks off and only worked two days and here I am off again.

I am thankful for the time, because I can be home with the kiddos. My son is old enough to handle his responsibilities alone, but my daughter benefits from me being here to help keep her on track. It’s too easy when your younger to be distracted with all the cool things at home.


This was ages ago. I miss them this young and still thinking I knew it all! Haa!

I also get to write. I have wanted to write for a long time but kept putting it off. I am finding that I am in love with spending time writing, but I also see I am not writing in the way I know my heart is tugging me to. It is a scary thing to put yourself out there they way you feel led to. I enjoy so many things, and I know I am hiding behind them in order to avoid some hard topics that I feel led to share.


Pre-Runner Kelly. I have learned to like pictures of myself. Funny thing to say, isn’t it.

What direction is this blog to go? I love trail running! I love talking life, and people, and how we all have our own stories and ways of seeing the world. I love God, and even thought I don’t feel I am faithful to how he wants me to live my life, I strive to please him. Can a blog be about so many topics, or do I have to choose one?


They have inspired so much of who I am in ways I don’t think I even understand.

My trust in God is strong. I do feel he will allow things to happen when the time is right. But I don’t spend enough time with him in prayer and his word to really know when I hear him. Am I ignoring him? Am I listening to my own thoughts? I suppose, I need to spend more time with him to really learn to listen to him.

my man and i

God knew what he was doing when he chose this man to be my husband!

This was a write-as-the-thought-came-to-mind piece. Purely thoughts. Get it out and see where it leads me.

Have a great day, Friends!
Follow my lead and think about what you feel pulled to do. Maybe now is the time to do it – or at least investigate it.

these two

Maybe we should all take the leap and do something we have thought about!


2 thoughts on “What is really going on, Kelly?

  1. There so many fiends are working from home or staying at home, hope we will cope the situation, your post is really a inspiration for me this time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for taking time to share. I know we are all adjusting the best we can. We are fortunate to be able to write!


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