One Happy Friday

During this 2020 Covid-19 quarantine, I have happily spent time writing. I have also enjoyed visiting other blogs and reading the journeys others have shared. I found this blogger, Why Girls are Weird, and she had a post titled Happy Friday and she encouraged us to follow her lead and write 10 things we are happy for from this last week. Although I don’t usually act on something like this, I feel there is so much negative vibes in the air I figure this is a positive addition to my Friday morning. So here it goes:

1- Being home during the day with my kiddos.

2- Teaching my daughter to sew.

3- Giving my son a haircut (oh, my poor boy!)

4- Cooking dinner without the pressure of time.

5- Having quiet time to write.

6- Playing board games with the kiddos

7- Sleeping in (even an hour is bliss!)

8- Being able to run (while following social distancing.)

9- Daily hugs from my husband (reminds me how loved I am!)

10. Having the essential to live comfortably during this quarantine.

I encourage you to write your list down.  Also, please comment and share with me a few things you are happy for this Friday!  Lets keep Happy Friday alive!






One thought on “One Happy Friday

  1. Thanks for spreading the #HappyFriday love! It feels good, right? Playing board games is one of my favorite things to do, and it is so cool that you’re teaching your daughter to sew!

    Thanks so much for stopping by friend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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